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With strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities, we can customize proprietary products to meet your various needs. We are committed to providing high-quality customized products and services.


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About Us

SealPro provides premium sealing solutions for courier, mailing and self adhesive storage bag manufacturer needs. Our high-performance Permanent sealing tapes and resealable sealing tapes are specially engineered to securely seal and protect envelopes, bags, and other containers during shipping and transportation.We offer durable yet flexible sealing tapes with strong adhesion to a variety of surfaces including paper, plastic, and polythene materials. At SealPro, we design sealing tapes for speed, efficiency and reliability. Our hand-tearable and dispenser box tapes allow for quick, easy application and a strong seal every time. We provide the ideal solution for:

•Courier bags and envelopes
•Polymailer bag
•Express shipping packets
•Bubble mailers and padded envelopes
•Storage bags

For sealing that delivers, discover SealPro – where innovative adhesion technology meets performance, durability and value. Our mission is to provide the most effective sealing tapes for mailing, shipping and storage needs.

What Our Customers Think

SealPro customized a resealable tape perfect for our security bags – modifying adhesive coating and liner material to our needs. The samples performed exactly as promised – reusable seals that remain secure. SealPro’s customer focus and speed to market have been key to our success.

The permanent tapes ensure our bubble mailers stay sealed – reducing packaging failures. The adhesive coating optimized performance in our application. I recommend SealPro’s tapes to other manufacturers.

The resealable tapes for our reusable bags maintain strong adhesion while enabling reuse – reducing material costs. The reliable performance and responsiveness have made SealPro a trusted supplier partner.

The permanent tapes significantly reduced seal failures – avoiding costly disputes. The durable construction and high adhesion strength ensure tight seals that last. I recommend the sealing tapes for manufacturers needing guaranteed seals.